Why Don’t I Get More Web Traffic?

Why No Web Traffic

A question I’m sure every person or company with a web site has thought about.

On the occasions when the traffic to my site is going south, I wonder what I’ve done wrong. Is it lack of SEO & key wording? Does my front page not look appealing? Are my landing pages not doing their job? Or is my entire site an unorganized mess that no one dares to click through?

It may be some or a combination of the about, however the most likely scenario is omething that we don’t often think about when designing a website – effort.

The easy thing to think when your brand new site is up and running is that people will just come flocking in. You’ve spent countless hours deciding on the design, colour, text styling, landing page layouts. But for most of us that is simply just the case.

Content Is King
The more relevant content you have on your site, the more Google will look to your site as an authority on that content. Seems easy enough, right? When was the last time you updated your static pages with information? Do you have a blog? (why not?) Have you studied some keyword combinations that your competition ranks high for that you’d like to compete with? These are all simple things that you can do to boost the relevant content on your site that will naturally attract viewers.

A good rule of thumb for updating your site is a minimum of once a month. If you aren’t doing at least that, Google (and other search engines) will think you aren’t updating your site and begin to classify you as old and out of date.

Ways of increasing traffic to you site

  • Offline Advertising – using your business card as an advertising tool
  • Free Press – Look at free avenue in advertising your website

Lastly, take the time to find opportunities that will increase clicks to your site. Whether it is sponsoring a local event that allows you to put your logo on their web site or commenting a popular blog. When it comes to web traffic – any clicks are good clicks. More clicks equals more conversions which equals more money in your pocket.

What marketing efforts do you use to publicize your site? Is social media enough to keep traffic flowing for you?

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Posted on July 10, 2018 in News

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