Why Don’t I Get More Web Traffic?

Why No Web Traffic A question I’m sure every person or company with a web site has thought about. On the occasions when the traffic to my site is going south, I wonder what I’ve done wrong. Is it lack of SEO & key wording? Does my front page not look appealing? Are my landing…

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Make Your E-Commerce Store Mobile Ready

Make Your E-Commerce Store Mobile Ready Having an e-commerce store for your business isn’t enough these days. People want the ability to buy NOW from wherever they are in the world, using whatever device they have in their hands. This means focusing on conversions and ensuring that your site looks great on all devices. From…

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How much new content should I post on my website per week/month/year?

We’re all busy running our businesses, I get it. In my own business, I’m the salesman, accountant, web developer, web designer, social media department, graphic design team, customer service rep and coffee maker. You might be a little ‘luckier’ to have someone working for you that takes some of these responsibilities. But even the most…

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